5 Fun Activities You Can Do When on a Farm Tour

Do you own a farm or just love anything that has to do with farms? Whichever is the case, farm tours offer rich hands-on learning experiences for farmers, farming enthusiasts, foodies, or even those who just love the idea of being on a farm.

Nothing beats experiencing the outdoors, especially in the form of a farm tour.

During a farm tour, you get the opportunity to engage with nature, learn and have fun in a single package. You may even learn how your favorite foods are grown and cared for to maturity.


Many people assume that farm tours are only available for farmers, gardeners, or people who want to learn about farming. Instead, they’re more than just farming and farmers, making them ideal for anyone looking for an interesting outdoor activity to explore.

Farm tours can be lots of fun, hence the need to know what you can expect from such as adventure. They provide opportunities to pick, play and learn. Here’re five fun activities you can do when on a farm tour:

5 Interesting Activities You Can Expect When on a Farm Tour

Drive buggies and ATVs

Ride a buggy or an ATV if you love the feeling that comes with an adrenaline rush. This is especially true and exciting for rides on rough farm terrains or muddy roads. You can even engage in a race if there’re many buggies available on your chosen farm.

However, you can opt for a timed race if there’s only one ATV or buggy in the farm. Buggies are usually built with seatbelts and cages, making them safe even for kids aged above six years.

Enjoy archery with your family and friends

Sometimes, old-school is the best school.

Archery is among the top sports or hobbies that you can enjoy if you’re into hunting and fishing. If you’re planning for a farm tour, look for a farm that offers archery to keeps its visitors busy and engaged.

You can make the activity as competitive as you want for enhanced engagement, or just shoot your target for fun. Whether you prefer a traditional arrow and bow, or something more modern like a crossbow, make sure your farm tour caters to your unique needs.

A crossbow uses the same shooting principle as a bow. But, it’s more straightforward and easy to use because it looks like a gun. You may want to check out the different crossbows at www.bowscanner.com to find out what you’ll opt for when playing archery.

A popular way to play archery involves shooting at a multi-colored bull’s eye target. However, you can opt to shoot at three-dimensional foam animals. This is known as 3D archery, something that’s quickly gaining popularity among fans of the sport.

3D archery is fun and spices things up for players. You can also choose your preferred shooting distances, depending on the size of your target.

Shooting with a crossbow is easy. First, load the crossbow and ensure it’s securely bolted before you shoot. And, unlike a bow, it doesn’t require lots of physical strength or strain.

Archery is also a great way to build confidence in kids while bonding with them. It’s a fun activity for the whole family.

Drive a tractor

Another enjoyable activity you can do on a farm tour is driving a tractor. You may have driven a car all your life, but driving a tractor is a totally new experience.

Driving a tractor is an activity done with a purpose, increasing the thrill of rides. Farmers usually drive tractors, wondering whether the harvest is okay or how the next crop will perform.

Whatever goes through your mind must be as purposeful as the thoughts of a farmer to give the purpose of your ride. Handling such a big machine is also a thrilling experience.

Built with many gears, levers, and buttons, and all the different technologies featured to add to your driving experience and intrigue. Nothing beats looking into the vast farmland to be plowed or tilled, knowing you can conquer it with the machine under your control.

Ride quad bikes

Another thrilling and fun activity you can do on a farm is riding quad bikes. They’re powerful, tough, and versatile bikes built with four wheels to maneuver rough terrain, mud, vegetation, and sand, unlike two-wheeler bikes.

Engage in farming activities

Have you ever milked a cow and sheared sheep? Have you ever collected eggs from a chicken coop or collected chicks from a hatchery? Farm tours are hands-on, giving you a chance to do these activities and more.

During a farm tour, you won’t just get a chance to learn about different farm activities, but also take part in them. It’s an excellent opportunity to find new hobbies to try out or teach your kids back home.


Farm tours can be fun for the entire family, especially if you’re keen on crop production or simply looking for suitable activities to keep you engaged outdoors.

Which activities do you like engaging in on a farm tour? Which ones of the above would interest you? Let us know in the box below.