Regenerative Agriculture

Yellow Barn Food is a blog that focuses on a regenerative form of agriculture known as Biodynamic. This holistic approach of farming or gardening involves a gardener and farmer integrating natural forces and substances into high-end sustainable food production.

The practice involves using manure to enliven the soil, improve nutrients and trace elements availability, and increase micro-flora in soil. It balances and strengthens the root systems of plants, especially fine root hairs. 

Work With Me

With manure, we foster soil structure, humus formation, and the capacity of soil to hold capacity. We also prepare silica to improve the plants’ ability to assimilate warmth and light from the sun. 

As a result, the plants develop better seeds and fruits with enhanced aroma, flavor, color, and quality of nutrition. 

Compost preparation makes use of biological processes in soil and in rotting plant matter to support the dynamic cycles of micro and macronutrients.

Why Biodynamics

This form of regenerative agriculture is popular for many reasons.


Biodynamic Preparations

  • Increase soil’s capacity to hold water; poor during floods and good in drought
  • Develops deeper soil and improves root depth
  • Enhances animal and plant health and yield; eliminates pests and weeds

Benefits the Gardener or Farmer

  • Increases satisfaction of the grower with production
  • Empowers farmer with human skills to comprehend the natural food production cycles
  • Fosters family, self, consumer and farm health 

Improves Quality of Produce

  • Better taste
  • Improves shelf life
  • Reflects garden or farm essence


  • Allows for the production of high quality food products
  • Lowers fertility inputs
  • Creates consistent food production for high net returns
  • Improving growth cycles using cosmic and lunar rhythms

Biodynamics Tools for Organic Use

  • Balancing the atmosphere or environment around plants
  • Organizing nutrient cycles with the garden or farm
  • Improving animal and plant resilience against extreme weather and stress
  • Activating the food web in soil to develop humus

We provide informational resources on how to engage in biodynamics as a holistic approach to farming.